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Faqs ~ SiteMap

How do I get my own domain name?
You can easily request a domain name [ by clicking here ]. Read our quick informative suggestions, Click the Order link and fill in the required information, and we will register the domain name for you. You will be required to pay $21.95 per year you wish to own this Domain, there is no charge for us to register the forms for you if you are being hosted by Midco2000.
What web hosting options do I have?
Your Domain name will be hosted by us either on the LiteHost Plan, ProHost Plan, or eCommerce Ultra Plan. You can choose which [ Hosting Plan ] is right for you, by comparison. It is sometimes best to [ discuss ] this with us if you are not sure.
Where can I find Design choices?
Our [ Control Panel ] makes it easy for you to decide which design is best for your needs and/or experience, you choose to build your own web site by using the Site Builder Program that comes pre-installed on your plan and assumes you have a good understanding of web authoring, Or you can visit our [ Design Page ] for more information.
Many Customers prefer to have us design their Main web site consisting of 6-10 pages, and then add to this after they have familiarized themselves with their growing needs.
I'm not sure what I really need, Can you help?
We provide advanced consulting this will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the service you may need, along with our in-depth experience of what really works on the web.  Click here to use [ Our Free Consultation Form ].
How do I get started?
Each of our Websites are stored on a Secure Server, which means all of our forms are passed via secure transmission, For Increased security, you should call us toll free and we can set you up as we speak, by the time we are off the phone, you will be able to access your new control panel. We take care of setting up the basics for you, and then you can make any changes to your personal features as you like. You will also receive email verifying your service is activated, along with any important access information you will need.
You can also find more information on these pages.

Once I own a domain, have hosting with you, and select my design choice what is next?
Setting up a new account can be a quick 30 minute process in most cases. Upon verification that your domain is registered to you, we will activate your hosting and place a "Welcome" page up for you at no cost. You will receive an email as soon as this is complete which will include all of the information you need to access your control panel, and begin setting all of your preferences and any additional email accounts.
By this time, We will have already consulted with you regarding the design you are looking for, unless you are building your own website, and have FTP access. You will then want to have your completed site listed in the search engines so potential customers can find you.

How do I get listed in the Search Engines?
Midco2000 takes careful consideration when building your Internet Presence in respect to Optimizing it for Search Engine Indexing. We assist with editing two of the Largest Engines on the web, this experience allows us the knowledge to perform mission critical meta data programming inclusions.
You can rest assured your Web Site will rank highly against your competitors. Noone can guarantee what the engine will index, but we can guarantee your page(s) will be optimized to rank as high as possible.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Personal and Business Checks, Credit Cards securely, via Paypal, Money Orders, Western Union, BankWire, or you can use the "Bill Pay" service most credit cards provide you with, -or call us for other options.

Click here to post a payment to your account.
All other payments should be mailed to:
Midco2000 Internet Solutions
91 W. Broadway Ave, State Hwy 49E,
Salem NJ 08079-1330

* When your order is sent to Midco2000, You will receive an email from us with a secure link to our Paypal account to make your payment. This only take a few seconds to enter your credit card information and we can activate your hosting services immediately after receiving notification.
PayPal is highly respected, and used by many large organizations for customer security.

Do I get Email with my domain name?
Domain Email (WebMail) is installed on every Hosting Plan offered at Midco2000. This will allow you to receive mail with ( Your email can be sent to a single mail account (WebMail), or you may select to have multiple accounts using your domain name for mail to be divided amongst your employees. (eg; sales@, President@, shipping@, etc...) as each plan allows you to create additional email addresses. This can also be forwarded to existing email accounts you already check every day, or can be downloaded via an email client such as MSOutlook.

I already have a site, but it is not bringing in the business like I thought it would, Do you perform evaluations?
We can inspect your current site and make suggestions that we know will enhance the usability and effectiveness. There is no cost for us to inspect and suggest. We have refreshed many sites that are now producing a substantial increase in interaction, and income.

How do I get Support?
We are available for support 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for our clients. If you at any time experience a need for technical support please contact us immediately. If you are out of our local area, simply call us toll free at 866-606-4326, and leave a message to contact you, and we will return your call within minutes. Visit Our Technical Support page for more information.

What type of connections to the internet will my site have by hosting with you?
For full explanation of our connections, (we upgrade often to ensure the best!) View the technology used at Midco2000.

Can I get a Quote for what I think I will need?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you take advantage of our FREE Quotes.

What services do you offer?
We offer Complete Internet Solutions. Registration, design, hosting, maintanance, marketing and promotion, database architecture, image and logo design... You name it!

Why do I need a Web Site?
There are many reasons to have a Web Site, whether it is for personal or business use. You will want customers to be able to preview your products and services prior to contacting you with alot of questions, you will want to enable them to get what they need in an instant, whether it be cost, shipping time, sizing, etc... Plus customers can get a feel for your establishment just from what you project on the web.

Can I just get images made?
Sure! We have designed thousands of images, banners, and logo's for our customers. They are delived to you via CD / disk, or placed securely on your Site. Ask us to show you some of our samples.

Midco2000's site is so unique, is there a reason?
We have designed our Web Site to assure you can locate any and all of the information you will need for a successful presence on the web. Our main page remains in the background while each section is brought up on a new page that can be closed when you are done. Then, you are on the main page again, and are able to quickly view more information. We also create a unique Site for each Client, No templates here...

How do I contact You?
We have various ways of reaching us quickly. We respond to your email, or messages normally within minutes, not days later. Contact us at any time, we are always here to assist you.

What are your policies, and user agreements?
Copy of User Policies
Refund Policy
Service Cancellation Policy
Billing Policies

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