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Fast, Low Cost Domain Setup
Midco2000 does not charge enormous setup fees for any services. Setup is always the same as your monthly cost and fast at Midco2000. If you choose to pay by credit card, your domain can be setup within 30 minutes!
If you choose to pay by check, we must receive payment before we setup your domain. Please refer to our order form for directions on how to pay by check.

Money-back Guarantee
Try our service absolutely risk-free! If you wish to cancel your account for any reason within the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund for all hosting services. This is a no-questions asked, full refund, 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose! This offer applies to the initial contracted term and does not include domain name registration.

Control Panel
The control panel gives you the capability to manage all aspects of your account and is included with every Midco2000 package. With the click of a button you can build your web site, create email accounts, manage directories, or even view your site statistics. You can even add additional features to your site the minute you need them.
The control panel also give you online account management. You can change your billing cycle, update your address, or even change your method of payment. With this extraordinary tool you do not only gain control, but also the flexibility to make changes within your time frame according to your needs.

Have Questions? Email our sales team for more details on how to get started today.

With our powerful, user friendly Web site creation tool, you can quickly build and maintain your own Web Site! Using the design templates, you can build and publish your own professional-looking Web Site in minutes. Our browser-based design tools let you customize all aspects of your Web Site, without requiring a knowledge of HTML programming.
Midco2000 also offers expert Design services as an add-on to ensure you have a professional and successful website. We have created some of the largest and well known web sites that are being used daily by thousands!

WebMail - Web-based Email
WebPO unburdens you from your PC and allows you to check your email from any computer with just a browser and an Internet connection! All the email accounts under your domain name will be able to send, receive, delete, and compose email with this user-friendly, web-based program - available from Midco2000!

FTP Access
If you choose to create your website using HTML or web site creation software such as PageMill, or Dreamweaver, we offer FTP access with all account packages. To upload your files, you will need a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. We suggest using the shareware programs CuteFTP for the PC and Fetch for the Mac. Please note that you need to be logged in on your Internet Service Provider to connect to your site with FTP.

Email Addresses
Our email addresses are very flexible. You can set them up as POP3 boxes which store mail, redirect mail to another box, or as autoresponders. All packages have unlimited email forwarding. All POP3 accounts can also be access by WebPO - our web-based email program.

Disk Space (MB)
One MB of disk space can hold several text pages or images. Most sites use less than 5 MB of disk space.

Data Transfer
This is the amount of network traffic related to your domain. Most sites have less than 1000MB of traffic per month.

Automated Search Engine Submission
Midco2000 offers Website Optimization services (to make sure you have the correct MetaData for the engines to read information contained within your web site), customers have had great success with this service and we offer this service as an add-on to our search Engine Submission Tool.

The Submit Site to Search Engines option is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly list your web site on some of the most popular web search indexes.
These web search indexes include:

•Infoseek •Webcrawler •Alta Vista •Lycos •Excite •Hot Bot •Infoseek Ultra •Yahoo! •Netfind •Magellan •What You Seek •Infospace ...and more!

This is an effective way of ensuring that the site you create gets optimal audience and web traffic. While you can submit your site to search engines without the aid of this option, it can be a very time consuming process. The Submit Site to Search Engines option makes the process a quick and easy one.

Compare the other great features of our hosting plans.

Site Statistics
Many statistics about the usage of your web site are available through the Site Statistics option in the Control Panel. The statistics are generated by the http-analyze program. You can view how many hits your pages receive, the number of pageviews, what web site referred your visitors, and which of your pages is visited most often. Rent-A-Guru tracks your sites statistics over time so you will always know how many visitors your site has and where they are coming from.
Use this information to analyze your marketing strategy or plan your next advertising campaign. This vital information is always available and updated daily to your site's control panel.

Have Questions? Email our sales team for more details on how to get started today.

True Domain Name
Each of our web sites comes with its very own domain name that you decide. So, for example, the name of the web site might be, or
A true domain is when you get your very own unique IP address on the web server. Many hosts offer 'fake virtual' domain accounts, which means they fool most browsers into redirecting themselves to the correct directory on the server. This method only works with certain browsers, is not full featured and is not a professional solution.

Static IP Address
Each account comes with a static IP address. A static IP address means the IP address (the number of your site) never changes. Some hosting companies use dynamic IP addressing, which means the IP number is different each and every time you connect to the server or they have several domains use 1 IP address. A static IP address provides your site with a never-changing solid address, which allows you to use it when FTPing files, or pinging your site, etc. A static IP allows you to have a true domain name.

Domain Name Registration
Every hosting package comes with the option of registering a domain name. We can host domain names with any extension, including all international extensions. In addition we can also register .com, .net, and .org addresses for you at a significant discount over standard registrar fees. As a bonus for our customers, we will configure all domains you register through us at no additional charge.

File Manager
The File Manager is a very powerful feature. It allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site. You are able to create, delete, and move your files. You can also upload files from your local PC to the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML in any of your files from this option. Everything you need to manage your site can be found in this feature.

Archive Manager
The Archive Manager will allow the user to backup and compress their files. For example, if you have a number of files for which you wish to keep a backup, you can select all the files, then create a backup file that contains all of them in compressed format.

FTP is used to upload and download files. Almost all site design programs like Adobe Pagemill, Macromedia Dreamweaver, GoLive HotDog, Allaire HomeSite, CyberStudio, HotMetal Pro, Netscape Communicator and NetObjects Fusion use FTP to maintain your site.

Many users are not at all familiar with telnet and just as many do not need to use it. Telnet allows you to get a shell on our Linux servers. The implementation of telnet that we use is called SSH. To use telnet (SSH), we require the user to send us a fax with a copy of their photo ID requesting SSH. Users also need an RSA Key entered in the control panel in order to access it. We also require the user to use SSH software.

FrontPage 2000 and 2002
Frontpage is a Microsoft page creation tool that requires special server extensions to function properly. All packages come with these extensions. This feature is activated through your control panel.

Access to raw logs
If you prefer to use your own statistic analyis program, access to your raw logs is very important.

Anonymous FTP
Anonymous FTP allows visitors to your site to download files via ftp without a password. It is disabled by default, and you activate it through your control panel. Available for all packages except the Lite Host.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists allow you to send email to a large number of contacts in a very efficient manner. You can manage the mailing list through the control panel.

Password Protected Pages
You can use the control panel to specify which users are allowed to access certain pages on your site. When visitors click on a certain URL, they are requested to enter a username and password which you manage through the control panel.

Form to Email
Our special form to email program takes the contents of a form submission and emails you the results to the address you specify.

Form to PGPmail
This utility is very similar to Form to Email, except it uses your PGP key to encrypt the message before sending it to you. Your PGP key is installed with the control panel.

Page Access Counters
Our very slick looking access counters can be installed on as many pages as you choose at no extra charge.

The ServletManager is used to install or remove support for Java Servlets. Servlets are protocol and platform-independent server-side components, written in Java, that dynamically extend Java-enabled servers, without the performance limitations of CGI programs.

Your own CGI-BIN
We encourage development of highly interactive, successful sites. For your site to be truly interactive you need to be able to run computer programs in your own cgi-bin, standard with all packages.

Perl, C, SH, Java, Python
We have enjoyed being the clear choice for computer programmers building web sites. For this reason, we always give programmers the most recent versions of the hottest programs needed to build their web applications.

PHP 4.0
Not only do we provide you with PHP support, but the majority of our system tools and design projects are done by our staff in PHP. PHP is compiled as a module with MySQL, gdbm, and gd support.

SSL Server / Secure Certificates
You may choose to use our secure certificate for either the e-Commerce or Reseller Packages at no additional cost. This way, you do not have to purchase your own SSL Certificate from Thawte (you would be using

If you would prefer to perform secure transactions on the web using (instead of the path we mention in the above paragraph), you must acquire a secure certificate from Thawte or Verisign. You can generate the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and install the certificate with your Control Panel.

Smart-E-Cart - Shopping Cart Program
Shopping Cart LogoSmart-E-Cart is a highly configurable, database driven shopping cart program that can store thousands of products and includes these time saving features:
• Accept orders securely with 128-bit encryption
• Graphical, easy-to-use, web-based Administration Suite
• Built-in Credit Card Validation
• Highly Customizable "Look and Feel"
• Unlimited Product Categories and Sub-Categories
• Automatic Shipping and Handling Charges, customized by the user
• Automatic Tax Table, completely customizable
• Product Search Capabilities
• Secure Order Processing
• Online Documentation
Holds up to 200 Products, Upgradeable
• Quick set-up - sell online today!

MySQL database support
MySQL is our GNU database of choice. We develop all of our own products with MySQL or Oracle. We encourage all mSQL and postgresQL users to migrate to MySQL.

gdbm support
gdbm is a simple light standard Unix database which we support.

Email Support
If you need personal attention from a trained programmer, email support is available. We encourage all users to consult the searchable database as a primary means of support through the control panel.

Midco2000 is "OnNet" with GlobalCenter (GC), Qwest Communications, and GTE through three separate bandwidth-on-demand connections. Our connection to three backbones give your site unmatched speed and reliability. Connection to multiple backbones enables us to route your traffic around Internet bottlenecks that would bring other hosts to a halt. Even at peak times, your site will load quickly and reliably. Independent cables run directly from the our servers to all three carriers Points of Presence.

Every site on the Midco2000 network experiences the benefits of our lighting-fast connection - check our prices and packages to see how inexpensively we can put it to work for you.

Have Questions? Email our sales team for more details on how to get started today.

24/7 Monitoring
Your server is monitored internally and externally on all the standard ports. If the monitor cannot restart a failed port, a technician is notified and attends to the problem immediately.

Redundant Power Backup
Two 50 kilowatt 480Volt Liebert UPS's supply conditioned power to our main PDU (power distribution unit), which continually balances and monitors every aspect of the power supplied to the NOC, leaving little doubt we could ever be down due to a  power failure.

Macromedia Shockwave allows you to bring your web content to life. Shockwave support allows your site to host Shockwave content.

Midi Files
Midi is a great way to add sound to a web site without using lots of bandwidth. All the popular MIDI mime types are supported on our domain.

Real Audio
We do not have a real audio/video server. However, we do support real audio/video streaming for no extra charge.

When Real Audio/Video first came out, it required an audio/video server to be installed on the web server. This was because Real Audio/Video wanted to charge for each "stream'" or visitor. But soon people started writing competitive audio/video streaming technology that didn't require a special server. So, to compete, Real Audio/Video now does not require a server, and you can even use their free tools to create streaming audio over the Internet.

Real Video
We support Video streaming with the Real Video Mime type as explained above.

MIME Type Manager
The ability to manage mime types gives you full control of which software programs will work with your site. Mime types are managed through the control panel.

Email Us For Account Feature Related Questions.
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